What Technology Do We Use For Our Practice?


The 3D Cone Beam provides Dr. Gore with a 3-dimensional image of a patient’s skull to have greater precision in placing dental implants for seamless results and diagnosing pathology (tumors, cancer, recurrent infections near the sinus’s etc.).


The intraoral camera is a small camera placed in a patient’s mouth so images can be sent to a video monitor for both the doctor and patient to view. As The old adage goes; a picture is worth a thousand words. The images taken of your mouth helps you see what Dr. Gore sees so you can understand what he is diagnosing and why.


The MLS (Multiwave Locked System) laser is used to compliment a number of dental procedures to speed up healing and reduce inflammation and soreness. It has a wavelength that helps dramatically reduce post-op pain and a different wavelength that helps create vasodilatation to increase the blood flow to the area and therefore decrease recovery time by as much as 1/3 in many cases.

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