Absolutely love this team. Every single staff member is welcoming, cheerful, and informative - even at 7AM in the morning. I highly recommend this office for anyone seeking dental assistance in the PHX... read more

Olivia R. Avatar
Olivia R.

Very thorough and willing to educate you. I will always come here!

Alex W. Avatar
Alex W.

What a great experience! I have really enjoyed going to Dr Gore. I am currently getting veneers and he has been so phenomenally helpful every step of the way. He takes my opinions... read more

Jessica P. Avatar
Jessica P.

I just visited Dr. Gore for my second crown in his office (one-visit crowns are the only way to go!). Dr. Gore and his staff are great. They pay attention to all... read more

Gary D. Avatar
Gary D.

Arrived early for 7 a.m. appointment greeted with a friendly smile by all (even at this hour). At 7 on the dot I am escorted to the procedure room and work begins right... read more

Jim W. Avatar
Jim W.

Great protocols addressing Covid-19 threat of infection. Friendly and professional staff and service. I felt very comfortable at my appointment today.

Wendy G. Avatar
Wendy G.

Went in to have him re-attach a crown on #19 (done by other DDS). He re-cemented it perfectly. However, he found a cavity on 18 that had been filled previously. He suggested a... read more

drd213 Avatar

Dr. Gore is the best Scottsdale dentist! Truly worked wonders that by far exceeded my expectations and completely relieved my anxiety with a calming, positive environment. I was impressed by the level... read more

Susan I. Avatar
Susan I.

Congratulations Dr. Gore on such success in your practice!!! I am from the St. Louis area, but lived in Scottsdale back in the early 90's; I will never forget your kindness, dedication, and... read more

Deborah S. Avatar
Deborah S.

I can't say enough about Dr. Gore and his amazing staff. They were so kind, friendly, and understanding. They helped me with billing problems and listened to all my problems with my teeth.... read more

Amy H. Avatar
Amy H.

I just moved to AZ two weeks ago and I had a fall while walking my dogs managing to scrape my face and break a front tooth. I was referred to Dr. Gore's... read more

Kristyn H. Avatar
Kristyn H.

Dr. Gore is the best Scottsdale dentist. What do you expect.......he is an Oregon grad!

Marty G. Avatar
Marty G.

I recently found Dr.Slovan on Instagram after viewing his bonding & reshaping Before & After. I called over for an appointment (got in same day) as my front teeth needed to be rebounded... read more

Alicia C. Avatar
Alicia C.

Best Scottsdale dentist or Mesa dentist. I went to DR Gore for a Second opinion after being told that I needed a tooth extraction, bone graft and implant instead of a crown... read more

Amy S. Avatar
Amy S.

My elderly mother has dementia and I was told by the staff at her senior living center that she had been spitting blood and was having trouble eating. I brought her... read more

Robin M. Avatar
Robin M.

Pretty amazing. Dr. Gore is not my first Scottsdale Dentist. We have some great Docs here and up till now I thought had the best of them. Wrong. After my visit to Dr.... read more

Peter H. Avatar
Peter H.

My family has been with Dr. Gore for years. He is great but perhaps more importantly his staff are professional and highly skilled.

John C. Avatar
John C.

Dr. Gore truly is the most talented dentist in Scottsdale and the Valley. I have been a patient for over 8 years. I have had extensive cosmetic dentistry done and I am... read more

Kristi M. Avatar
Kristi M.

Dr. Gore and his staff are fantastic. They do a great job and are very nice. I have never had a dentist as good as Dr. Gore's office and am completely satisfied.

Chris L. Avatar
Chris L.

Dr. Gore and his staff are excellent! Very professional, accommodating and knowledgeable . I am looking forward to getting the best care!

Marianne J. Avatar
Marianne J.

Not only is Dr. Gore an artist when it comes to cosmetic dentistry, his staff are the best I've ever seen in any medical office. I've not dealt with everyone yet but... read more

Lane D. Avatar
Lane D.

I was referred to Dr. Gore for a front veneer that was broken accidentally during a recent sinus surgery. I spoke first to Lisa, the Patient Care Manager and she was very... read more

Lauren L. Avatar
Lauren L.

Best Scottsdale dentist is Dr. Rod Gore. I've experienced this many years and it's true each time I visit.

John G. Avatar
John G.

Dr. Gore is truly the best Scottsdale dentist! His staff is also amazing!

Steven M. Avatar
Steven M.

Dr. Gore has the best Scottsdale dental office and staff. One of my crowns installed years ago came off on Easter weekend. Even though it was a Monday and the day after Easter... read more

David D. Avatar
David D.

Dr Gore and his staff are always gentle, kind and thorough. I am not a ‘good’ dental patient so this is important to me. Dr Gore is extremely knowledgeable and I find his... read more

Pamela K. Avatar
Pamela K.

Dr. Gore is the best Scottsdale dentist. Dr. Gore and his team are exceptional and provide excellent care. I am so happy to have found Dr. Gore and I highly recommend Dr. Gore... read more

Kimberly C. Avatar
Kimberly C.

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