Bridge the Gap Between Your Teeth

Missing teeth can easily be replaced by a beautiful, very natural-looking porcelain bridge. This is a part of the restorative dental care services you can enjoy from Rod W. Gore DDS.

Arizona dentist, Dr. Rod Gore, may recommend a bridge in order to restore a patient’s chewing function, prevent teeth from shifting out of position, and offer a more youthful appearance.

There are 2 basic types of dental bridges:

  • Traditional dental bridges – Adjacent teeth are used as the anchors that support the missing Sometimes a dental implant is used as the anchor to one or both sides of the bridge.
  • Cantilever bridges – Only one adjacent tooth is used as a single anchor to the missing tooth. This can be beneficial in a situation where there is only one tooth next to the space.

Dental bridges are an effective solution whether you are looking to restore your GOREgeous smile or enhance it cosmetically. With the help of your trusted Scottsdale dentist, dental bridges can make a path toward finding your confidence.

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The process of placing dental bridges usually takes at least 2 appointments at our Scottsdale clinic. For your first visit, your dentist will file down the abutment teeth to prepare them for dental crowns. After this, the dentist will take a digital impression of your teeth and send it to a dental lab.

The lab will create your porcelain dental bridge, including the artificial tooth (or “pontic”) and the crowns for the teeth abutment. While these are being created, your dentist will place a temporary bridge over your teeth to protect them. Once the bridges are done, your temporary ones will be removed and the permanent ones will be cemented into place.

You will need to return so your dentist can adjust the bite and have it perfectly fit and comfortable in your mouth.


Once you have new dental bridges, keeping great oral hygiene up is essential. You must brush and floss regularly, and visit your dentist for regular cleanups.

For the first few days, avoid chewing gum and crunchy food like chips as they can affect how your bridges are placed. You must also chew on the side of your mouth opposite where you got the bridges. After the first day or two, you can resume eating normally.


Most dental insurance carriers will cover some or part of the cost of the bridge, so the front office will consult with the patient’s insurance to get a better estimate of the patient’s out-of-pocket expense. The cost of the bridge will include the appointments for the impressions and fitting, plus any follow-up visits needed to adjust the bite and fit

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Whether you need dental bridges, implants, crowns, or fillings, you can entrust your restorative dentistry needs to Dr. Gore’s Scottsdale, AZ dental clinic. Here’s why:

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