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Many patients recall the small hand mirror a dentist used to show the patient the inside of his or her mouth. This left patients dependent on their dentists to tell them what was happening inside their mouth. However, the intraoral camera allows Scottsdale, AZ dentist Dr. Rod Gore to show patients the exact nature of the issues that require attention. This shift from explanation to demonstration has proven to be an invaluable asset to both dentists and patients. The intraoral camera is extremely small and placed inside of the mouth, where images are taken and transmitted to a monitor in real-time, allowing Dr. Gore to view the condition of the mouth together, with the patient.

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What to Expect

A flexible video camera, roughly the diameter of a pen, instantly transmits live video of a patient’s mouth to a full-color, high-definition video monitor. The magnification power of the device permits unrivaled clarity, even at very close range, which results in a better diagnosis and more effective treatment. Dr. Gore then walk a patient through each issue and explain potential strategies to help resolve them. The whole process is painless with a patient experiencing no discomfort. Plus, it’s quick and simple for Dr. Gore to perform.

What are the Benefits?

Hearing about your dental issues is one thing, but seeing them is something entirely different. With the intraoral camera, you are better informed, where you can see what’s going on with your own eyes. This allows you to be more empowered and involved in your treatment plan. In one sense, the intra-oral camera is responsible for moving our patients from passive observation to active participation. In short, our intraoral cameras allow you to see what we see, helping us to diagnose dental issues much earlier than ever before and allowing you to become your own dentist.

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If you haven’t yet experienced the advantages of an intraoral camera, let Dr. Rod Gore open your eyes to the future of patient-centered dentistry. Not only can you see inside your own mouth with clarity unlike anything you’ve ever seen, but you are involved in your own treatment. To learn more, call our office to set up a consultation to learn all the facts about the intraoral camera.

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