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One of the most common and popular sedation methods around is nitrous oxide. Often referred to as “laughing gas,” the gas is colorless, odorless, and safe for most patients. Scottsdale dentist, Dr. Rod Gore, uses this method for patients who are nervous prior to receiving dental work to relax them in a comfortable manner. With this method, a special apparatus is placed over the patient’s nose, Dr. Gore will instruct the patient to breathe normally. The gas is fast-acting and will last through the entire procedure, but will wear off quickly once it’s turned off. Nitrous oxide doesn’t put patients to sleep and will still allow them to be coherent enough to follow instructions.

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What to Expect

Typically, nitrous oxide is combined with oxygen for safer results. To begin sedation, the dentist places a nasal hood over the patient’s nose and the patient is instructed to breathe normally through their nose in order to inhale the gas. The nitrous oxide will start working within a few minutes and the patient will begin to feel light-headed. After that, the patient will notice a tingling sensation, usually in their arms and legs, or a vibrating feeling that is followed by a warmth through the body. Once the gas takes full effect, the patient should experience a sense of euphoria, or well-being. Unlike other forms of sedation, the dentist can determine the exact amount of time that the nitrous oxide is needed. Therefore, it can be switched on and off at any given time, depending on the patient’s needs and comfort levels.

Treatment Aftercare

Once the dentist has stopped the supply of nitrous oxide, the gas should leave the body within 3 – 5 minutes, which means that the patient should have no “hangover” effect and is safe to drive home after the procedure. Since nitrous oxide is a relatively safe form of sedation, there are usually no negative side effects associated with the gas. In rare instances, a patient may report slight nausea. If a patient is prone to nausea, it is suggested they eat something before receiving nitrous oxide.

Anticipated Costs

The exact price of nitrous oxide can vary depending on whether the cost of the gas is charged per hour or per visit. In addition, our front office can check with the patient’s insurance company to see if nitrous oxide is partially or fully covered.

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Is Laughing Gas for You?

When you contact our office to schedule an appointment, we are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding sedation. We can walk you through the process and discuss the advantages and disadvantages. Please contact us today to schedule your consultation to see if nitrous oxide during your service is right for you.

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