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Scottsdale Root Canal Therapy (Root Canal Treatment)

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Scottsdale Root Canal Therapy Patient

Over the years, root canals have gotten a bad rap as being painful and a procedure to avoid at all costs. However, the complete opposite is true, where the procedure is tolerated well by most patients and definitely shouldn’t be put off. With a root canal, Scottsdale dentist, Dr. Rod Gore, helps save failing teeth by removing the infected pulp tissue within the tooth. A root canal is commonly used for untreated cavities, tooth fractures, facial traumas, and previous restorations like crowns, which can been a breeding ground for bacteria. If a root canal isn’t completed within a reasonable amount of time, a patient may have to get the tooth extracted or the infection could move to other areas for more serious consequences.

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What to Expect

Before the root canal begins, the dentist will numb the patient’s teeth and gums with a local anesthetic, as well as nitrous oxide gas for further patient comfort and relaxation if needed. Once the patient is prepared, the dentist will carefully remove the pulp from the decayed tooth, both the visible portion of the tooth and the root below the gum line. After the tooth is removed, the dentist will place a crown or filling material to strengthen and protect the treated tooth. If filling material is used, the dentist will use a white filling material to maintain the brightness of the tooth and match the surrounding natural teeth.

Treatment Aftercare

After the root canal treatment, the patient’s lips and gums will remain numb for a few hours, but the patients will be able to drive and leave to recover at home. If the patient is feeling any pain after the procedure, they can take an over-the-counter painkiller, following the instructions on the label. If the dentist placed a temporary crown over the tooth, the patient will return after the permanent crown is created and sent back to the office. The dentist will then place the crown and check the fit. The patient should return for annual dental exams and professional cleanings twice a year, or as recommended by the dentist.

Anticipated Costs

The cost of a root canal will depend on how many teeth are being treated and where the teeth are located in the mouth. Additional costs may be added for emergency cases if the patient needs a same day or a weekend root canal. If a crown or other dental implant is used, that cost will be added to the patient’s total cost

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Stop Dental Infections

If you have a toothache or infection, make an appointment to have the dentist look at your tooth and talk about treatments, including a root canal. A root canal can prevent more serious dental problems and relieve your pain

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