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Bone Grafting

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About Bone Grafting

Once a tooth is lost, it should be replaced right away with a dental restoration, like a crown, bridge, or dentures. This not only maintains the appearance and function of the teeth, but it also prevents the gum tissue and jawbone that were connected to the lost tooth from deteriorating. However, if you were unable to replace the tooth until years later, bone grafting can be performed to build up the strength and support of the jawbone before a dental implant is placed. At their office in Scottsdale, AZ, Dr. Rod Gore offers bone grafting to patients using several techniques and materials available to produce the best results. Get your GOREgeous Smile at our Scottsdale dental office, call 480-585-6225 to schedule an appointment.

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Bone grafting is usually performed with the patient under oral-conscious sedation. The length of the procedure will depend on the number of grafts needed and the materials used. The bone grafts will be carefully placed and bonded to the natural bone until the area has enough strength to support a dental implant. The bone graft will be given time to integrate with the natural bone before the implant is placed.

Other Considerations

It is important to have a tooth replaced as soon as you are able to prevent your other teeth from shifting, misalignment, or falling out. A missing tooth can also cause a sunken facial structure over time as the jawbone begins to atrophy, some patients develop headaches, pain, deep wrinkling, poor structural support for the lower face, or temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Patients are also likely to have trouble chewing and speaking.

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If you have been putting off a trip to the dentist because of the pain or cost of bone grafting and dental implants, please know that your pain will only get stronger and the procedure to fix your teeth will take longer and cost more. Schedule an appointment today to learn more about bone grafting and dental implants as well as payment options and patient financing with CareCredit. To get your GOREgeous Smile, call our Scottsdale dental office today at 480-585-6225 to schedule an appointment.

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