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Opalescence® (In-Office Teeth Whitening in Scottsdale)

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Scottsdale In-Office Teeth Whitening Patient No matter how careful a person is about their oral health, stains on the teeth develop over time from food, drinks, and tobacco, making the teeth look darker and older. For a boost to their appearance and self-esteem, Scottsdale dentists Dr. Rod Gore offers the Opalescence tooth whitening systems to safely remove stains from their enamel and whiten their teeth several shades. Dr. Gore offers in-office whitening treatments which use potassium nitrate and fluoride (PF) to strengthen the enamel while whitening for stronger, healthier GOREgeous teeth.

For patients who want to remove stains inside the tooth pulp, which may appear gray or discolored from damage or decay, Dr. Gore also performs internal teeth whitening. To improve the appearance of the inside of the tooth so it can match the rest of the smile, Dr. Gore performs a root canal to remove the damaged pulp from the tooth. Once the tooth is cleaned, a white filling material is used to hold up the surrounding dental enamel and make the tooth whiter. For more information on root canal therapy, please see our Restorative Dentistry services.

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What to Expect

Opalescence Boost: an in-office whitening treatment that use 40% hydrogen peroxide bleaching gel to remove stains without lights or lasers in under 60 minutes.

Treatment Aftercare

To help maintain their results, patients can ask their dentist about the best home oral care routine, which may include Opalescence whitening toothpaste in addition to flossing and mouthwash. Dr. Rod Gore will talk to each patient about food and drinks that should be avoided or what can be done to minimize stains and maintain their new, bright smile.

Anticipated Costs

Opalescence is generally not covered by dental insurance. However, our office offers financing and can take several forms of payment. The patient’s cost and financing options can be discussed during the patient’s consultation with the dentist.

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Erase Years of Stains

Anyone who looks in the mirror or at pictures of themselves and notices a duller, more yellow smile than they would like, is a candidate for Opalescence teeth whitening. You can schedule a consultation with the dentist to discuss your options and develop your teeth whitening plan for a brighter, more confident GOREgeous smile.

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