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Dental bonding is an easy, conservative, and non-invasive way to improve or eliminate many common esthetic and functional discrepancies you may notice with your teeth.  Dental bonding is commonly used to increase the length of teeth, cover wear and chipping of the edges of teeth, fill in indentations of the tooth along the gumline and can close spaces that appear between the teeth. The term 'bonding' is used to describe the application of a strong, resilient, tooth colored 'putty' (resin) to the surface of the teeth to improve defects. The putty is molded and shaped with an instrument and is then instantly hardened with a high-intensity light. The bonding material is then shaped and polished to perfection. Since the bonding material is fully hardened at the completion of your appointment, there is no interruption to your daily routine of eating and drinking.  Dental bonding looks and feels like your own natural tooth and can last several years. To get your GOREgeous Smile, call our scottsdale dental office today at 480-585-6225 to schedule an appointment.

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Dental bonding does not require local anesthetic or sedation, but some patients may want it for increased comfort during the procedure. During the bonding process, we will use a shade guide to select a composite resin that perfectly matches the color of your tooth. To help the resin bond to the natural tooth structure, we will texturize the surface of the enamel and apply a conditioning liquid. The tooth-colored, putty material is applied, molded, and smoothed to the desired shape on the tooth. Using a special light, the resin is fully hardened and the tooth is polished for a nice, natural finish. Typically, dental bonding only taking 30 – 60 minutes and it can be completed in one visit with no recovery time needed.

Estimate of Cost

The total cost of dental bonding will depend on how many teeth are being treated and what type of corrections are being addressed. Dental bonding is often done for cosmetic improvement so most dental insurance companies do not cover it.  However, there are some conditions where a damaged tooth needs bonding to repair it and in these cases, it could be a covered benefit.  Our insurance specialist will be happy to research your specific insurance plan to learn more about your benefits related to bonding.

Bonding FAQs

How Long Does Bonding Last?

With good oral hygiene, the effects of dental bonding can last up 7 – 10 years and sometimes longer. It is important for patients to maintain a good regimen of brushing, flossing, and regular visits to the dentist to maintain the quality of the bond. 

Special Care for Bonded Teeth?

Bonded teeth should be treated just like regular teeth, which includes good oral hygiene. However, because the bonded material can chip just like a natural tooth might, patients will increase the risk of damaging the bonding if they continue habits such as biting fingernails, opening packages with their teeth, etc.

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Dental bonding is a quick procedure that will improve the appearance of your teeth and smile. At our office, we take great care of our customers by ensuring they receive quality care and service. As one of our more popular procedures, Dr. Gore is an expert at dental bonding to give you a beautiful smile. To get your GOREgeous Smile, call our scottsdale dental office today at 480-585-6225 to schedule an appointment.

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