Dental Cleaning Service in Scottsdale for Healthier Teeth

Although a proper at-home regimen is a necessity to maintain healthy teeth and gums, there’s only so much that a toothbrush and floss can accomplish. To reach and clean areas a toothbrush can’t, professional dental cleaning is needed at least once or twice a year depending upon your oral health conditions.

As a Scottsdale dentist, Dr. Gore’s office offers teeth cleaning services. Dr. Gore performs this routine preventative dental care procedure for patients of all ages. The goal is to help patients maintain their teeth and gums for a beautiful GOREgeous Smile and superior oral health for a lifetime.

As part of preventative dental care, cleaning helps preserve teeth for a lifetime to avoid painful procedures that could have been prevented with regular cleanings. We also now have so much more information from research that shows a high correlation between gum health and overall general health; in other words poor oral health can lead to an increased risk of heart disease and diabetes and especially with women for preeclampsia.

With regular professional teeth cleaning from your trusted Scottsdale dental office, you can keep your smile bright and beautiful for a long time.

Deep Teeth Cleaning

Deep cleaning is not required for every patient, but it is advisable for people with periodontal diseases. Also known as scaling and root planing, this procedure removes plaque and tartar from the surface of your teeth (scaling), just like with regular dental cleaning.

The difference between the two, though, lies in root planning. As gum disease develops, the gums will slowly detach from the tooth and create space for bacteria to accumulate. Root planing involves reaching into this pocket and cleaning out the plaque and bacteria buildup.

Dr. Gore offers thorough deep teeth cleaning service for Scottsdale patients. The treatment can take up to two visits and includes numbing your mouth.

Regular Teeth Cleaning

Rod W. Gore DDS offers regular teeth cleaning services for Scottsdale patients. This can be done every 6 months and is performed to remove bacteria and tartar that accumulate between the teeth and gums.

Apart from the cleaning, Dr. Gore will also examine your mouth to check for signs of oral health issues, such as tooth decay and gingivitis. These sessions are non-invasive and are an important part of preventative dental care.



Our regular teeth cleaning service starts with a thorough examination of your mouth to check for signs of gum disease and other potential problems. If we detect gingivitis, we’ll proceed with deep cleaning. But if your teeth and gums are in healthy condition, we’ll proceed with the regular cleaning.

Dr. Gore will scrape the tartar buildup on the surface of your teeth, as well as between them. Then, your teeth will be brushed using a high-powered electric brush and gritty toothpaste that will further scrub your teeth.

After this, your teeth will be expertly flossed. Dr. Gore can get deep between your teeth, so no surface remains uncleaned. You will be given a rinse containing liquid fluoride after flossing. Finally, you will be given a fluoride treatment to protect your teeth against cavities until your next cleaning session.


After undergoing dental cleaning, your teeth will likely be sensitive. As such, you have to wait until the numbness has subsided before attempting to eat. You might accidentally bite your tongue or cheeks without feeling it because of the anesthetic. Plus, chewing so soon might damage your sensitive gums.

You must also avoid certain foods after deep cleaning. Among these are acidic food, tough food, and snacks that break off into little pieces that might get stuck between your teeth like nuts or popcorn.

In the weeks and months following, you must keep up good oral hygiene. Brush your teeth twice daily, floss regularly, and eat teeth-healthy foods.


The cost of our teeth cleaning services varies depending on the condition of the patient’s teeth. Regular and deep cleaning are considered a form of preventative health care, which is likely partially covered by your health insurance. Our Scottsdale office will go over your insurance policy and check if a dental cleaning is included. We’ll then send you the bill of any remaining payment due.

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