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Lynn, Dental Assistant

About Lynn

Lynn is Dr. Gore’s Dental Assistant and works side-by-side with him during every aspect of a patient’s care. She assists him with procedures such as crowns, implants, smile designs, full mouth reconstruction, and more. Lynn loves dentistry because of its ever-evolving nature. She appreciates the fact that she, along with the team she loves, stay on the cutting edge of technology. With a passion for dentistry that began in 1978, Lynn started as a chair side assistant in Little Rock, AR and now teaches at a dental assistant school. She shares her passion with young students and teaches them compassion and empathy for their future patients. In her spare time, Lynn loves playing with and caring for her two rescue dogs, Gretta and Wylie, and since she loves to cook, she often walks the dogs after a meal. Lynn’s philosophy is, “If everyone treated people like they would like to be treated, what a wonderful place this world would be!”

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