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It’s a Knock Out: Dealing with Sports-Related Dental Injuries in Children

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Exposing a child to sports brings significant benefits like enhanced physical health, better social skills, and improved mental health. Signing a child up with sports clubs also teaches them teamwork and instills self-confidence, both of which prove helpful when they grow up. However, exposing children to sports makes them prone to dental injuries. A scary collision or […]

Not a Fan of Flossing? Here Are Some Alternatives


A 2015 survey conducted by the American Academy of Periodontology revealed that 27 percent of people in the U.S. lie to their dentists about the frequency of their flossing. The survey also revealed that 36 percent of Americans would rather wash a sink full of dirty dishes (18%) or clean the toilet (14%) than floss every […]

What to Expect After A Dental Crown Procedure

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If it’s your first time to learn about dental crowns (or dental caps), you probably have a ton of questions. Let’s talk about what to expect after the procedure. A dental crown procedure is usually performed by a cosmetic dentist, as in our clinic in Scottsdale AZ. Despite what some may believe, recovering from a dental cap […]

Top Reasons Why It Is Important To See A Dentist Periodically

Having good oral hygiene habits not only prevents you from experiencing dental problems; it also improves your confidence and increases your self-esteem. There have been scientific studies conducted which show that those who have radiant healthy smiles have a tendency to be happier people than those who do not. A dental problem that isn’t detected […]

Why You Should See Your Cosmetic Dentist Regularly

Dull or crooked teeth can be fixed the proper way with cosmetic dentistry. That beautiful smile you have always dreamed of can be made possible with cosmetic dentistry. Thanks to technological developments in the field of cosmetic dentistry, many smiles are fixable. The best time to repair your smile is currently, by having your chipped […]

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