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Information About Restorative Dentistry Services

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Dental bridges replace missing teeth through the use of false teeth that look natural. Bridges can help teeth look, feel, and function better.

A dental crown is a cap shaped like a tooth that’s fitted over a tooth to change its shape, size, and overall appearance to match the other teeth.

Dental implants replace a tooth or teeth by setting an anchor into the jawbone, which heals around the implant, then a tooth option is placed on top.

For patients who need added support before dental implants can be placed, bone grafting builds the jawbone with bone substitutes and composites.

Full mouth restoration restores the look, form, and function of the teeth, bite, and various muscles for an improved and more youthful appearance.

Complete or partial dentures are used for missing teeth. Made of false teeth, dentures can be removable or implant supported for greater stability.

Root canals can help save failing teeth by removing the infected pulp tissue within the tooth, which can be caused by cavities, tooth fractures, etc.

Tooth-colored, or non-metal, fillings are an appealing alternative for many patients since they look more natural compared to traditional fillings.

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