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Fluoride in toothpaste and water has been the standard for a number of years, but for some patients, the fluoride in these agents aren’t enough. These patients may require in-office fluoride treatments by Scottsdale, Arizona dentist, Dr. Rod Gore. He uses these treatments to strengthen the patient’s tooth enamel in order to prevent tooth decay and tooth loss in the future. The fluoride works by removing plaque from the teeth, or the film that forms on teeth and gums on a daily basis. By getting rid of this plaque, it’s not allowed to build up, which weakens enamel and can lead to tooth decay. In some cases, Dr. Gore may prescribe a fluoride toothpaste or treatment for the patient to use at home to further strengthen their teeth.

What to Expect

Professional fluoride treatments are usually given every 6 months at the patient’s regular cleaning. The dentist may use acidulated phosphate fluoride (APF) or neutral sodium fluoride, depending on the condition of the patient’s mouth. The fluoride treatment may be given as a gel, foam, or varnish that is applied to dried, clean teeth for 1 – 4 minutes. Due to the high concentration of fluoride in professional treatments, patients should never swallow any of the fluoride.

Treatment Aftercare

Patients should not eat, drink, or smoke for at least 30 minutes to allow the treatment time to fully penetrate the enamel. If any fluoride is swallowed, the patient may become nauseous, but when used properly, professional fluoride treatments are safe and effective. Patients may talk to their dentist about home fluoride treatments if they are at high risk for tooth decay.

Anticipated Costs

A fluoride treatment is usually included in a typical dental exam and cleaning, which is usually covered by the patient’s insurance. If paying out of pocket, a professional fluoride treatment will usually cost between $20 and $50. Since fluoride treatments are a preventative measure, patients should consider that investing in fluoride treatments may save them from more expensive fillings and dental work.

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Strengthen Your Enamel

Patients with developing teeth or who are at higher risk for developing tooth decay and dental cavities, should ask their dentist about professional fluoride treatments during their regular exam and cleaning. Your dentist can help you determine if a professional fluoride treatment is right for you and if further precautions, like prescription home fluoride treatments will improve your dental health.