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Every person has their own unique grooves and fissures in the biting surface of their teeth.  The grooves and fissures naturally trap cavity-causing bacteria.  An individual toothbrush bristle is wider than the deepest part of these fissures, making it impossible to keep them clean.  A dental sealant is a simple, painless way to seal these deep grooves so that cavity-causing bacteria can no longer reach them.  Scottsdale dentists, Dr. Rod Gore and Dr. Whitney Sebree often place sealants on teeth in adults and children as an effective way to prevent cavities. Made of a durable plastic, the sealants are placed on the top of the chewing surface of the tooth.  Patients can expect the sealants to last a number of years.

What to Expect

There is no anesthetic required for this procedure.  One of our dentists will thoroughly clean out the fissure with a small bur.  The area will be isolated by cotton and disinfected prior to the placement of the flowable, tooth-colored resin that is hardened by a high intensity light in just seconds.  The procedure is painless and quick and can offer years of protection from cavities in these grooves.  

Treatment Aftercare

Patients can anticipate returning to their regular routine immediately following the procedure. Although a sealant prevents decay from starting deep in the fissures, cavity-causing bacteria can still cause decay on other surfaces of the teeth such as along the gumline and in between.  Therefore, it's important to maintain a healthy routine of flossing and brushing daily and returning for your professional cleaning and exam appointments

Anticipated Costs

Sealants are a very inexpensive way of protecting your teeth from expensive restorations caused from decay.  In some cases, your insurance may cover this preventative procedure

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Prevent Cavities

Protecting your teeth from cavities, decay, and disease is our main priority. If you believe that sealant might be the best treatment option to fulfill your dental hygiene needs, contact our office immediately to schedule your consultation with the dentist.