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Jennifer - Dental Hygienist

About Jennifer

“I love dentistry. I love talking about teeth, working on teeth, overcoming patient challenges with home care and giving our patients options to improve their oral health and smiles. I want our patients to love and appreciate their teeth and not be self conscious about smiling - like I was growing up.” As a kid, Jennifer had challenges with her mouth, missing adult teeth, large gaps, braces for many years, wearing head-gear (remember those...), partials and having “fake” teeth bound to braces. Experienced in both cosmetic and periodontal health, she believes in tailoring the appointment, and home care routine to each patient. “I am so excited to be working with Dr. Gore and his GOREgeous team. A lot of dentists only focus on the teeth, and not the bone and gum support. As professional dental providers, we know the best outcome of any procedure, and longevity of Dr Gore’s beautiful natural looking smiles, rely on whole health of the mouth.” Jennifer worked in the software industry for over 13 years, and then made a complete career shift in 2006 going back to school to become a Dental Hygienist. While not working, Jennifer enjoys doing anything outside in Arizona: photography, drawing, playing tennis, hiking, and of course Brunch!