Both the American Dental Association and Center for Disease control have agreed that because of eased restrictions across the United States, dental practices now have the option to receive patients.

The decision whether they can receive patients on a non-emergency basis depends on the practice’s local area. They have to check with their locality’s current situation and decide whether it’s too risky for their staff or patients.

Is it Safe to Visit Your Scottsdale-Area Dentist?

Yes! Your local Scottsdale dentist will implement every safety and health precaution possible for your appointment. Studies show that dental procedures don’t necessarily increase your risk of catching COVID-19. Both the patient and dental practice are expected to follow safety protocols to minimize risks.

How Dentists Ensure Your Safety

Regular disinfection

Staff needs to sanitize and disinfect all areas regularly. But there should be even more stringent sanitation in the procedure areas. All surfaces, seats, armrests, and other areas must be wiped down and sanitized before and after every patient.

All tools must be covered, cleaned, and replaced

All dental equipment should remain covered or put away when not in use. After every patient, staff must also clean them. For consumable tools, such as tongue depressors, cotton balls, and others, staff must replace them after every patient.

More protective gear

Dentists are expected to wear more PPE than usual. Double masking, gloves, a face shield against spatter, goggles, and other extra precautions may be necessary.

Staggered appointments

Patients must expect fewer appointment slots. Dentists maintain safety precautions by spacing out or staggering their appointments to reduce crowding in waiting areas. It also lessens the risk of exposure throughout the whole practice.

How Patients Can Ensure their Safety

Scottsdale Dentist Rod Gore DDS

Rinse your mouth before the dental examination

Your dentist will provide you with a clean sink and a sterile cup of water to rinse with.

Always use sanitizers

Bring hand sanitizers with you during your appointment and use them regularly. Or make use of the sanitizers that the dental clinic will likely provide.

Wear a face mask

Most dental practices and healthcare locations will require patients to wear a mask. While you won’t need to wear a mask during the dental procedure itself, you must wear it as long as you’re not in the dental chair.

Inform the front desk of any symptoms

If you have symptoms like a fever, cough, or trouble breathing before heading to your appointment, cancel it. Don’t go to the dentist. In the rare event that you notice these symptoms while already at the front desk, inform the staff immediately so they can sanitize and take preventative measures while you head home.

Reach out to us about your safety concerns 

Make sure to discuss any health concerns you may have about your dental appointment with the staff before you make the trip. A responsible practice will take every precaution to ensure your safety and theirs. They can even advise you whether you should come in at all.

If you’re still unsure if it’s a safe time to go to the dentist, contact the staff at Rod W. Gore DDS and learn about the available procedures. You can even schedule a video consultation for free and save yourself the trip.