As your toddler grows their first tooth, it’s time to prepare for their first dentist appointment. It might seem too early, but this will help prevent oral and dental health problems that can occur as your child grows older. Starting early will also help you learn ways to care for your child’s teeth properly.

Your child’s first dentist appointment is important. It sets the foundation for their relationship with this healthcare professional. A good experience will mitigate the fear and anxiety most kids experience when visiting the dentist’s office.

Find out how to prepare for a dentist appointment—from choosing a dentist to preventing a meltdown in the chair.

Choose the Right Dentist

Before booking an appointment with a dentist, determine if they offer their services to children. Dentists who specialize in adult teeth often refuse toddlers and small children because they don’t have the necessary training. Fortunately, there are pediatric dentists in Scottsdale, AZ, who can manage your child’s oral and dental health.

Prepare for the Appointment

Both you and your child need to prepare for their first dentist appointment. There is no telling how your child will react, so you need to be calm and informed to keep them at ease.

Prepare Your Child

Before the appointment, take the time to talk to your child. Explain what usually happens at a first dentist appointment and why it’s essential to go to the dentist. Use picture books and stuffed animals to illustrate what will happen, so they don’t worry.

If your child is too young to understand, try to schedule their appointment in the morning so they’re fresh and alert. Stay relaxed before and during the appointment to keep your children calm. Consider asking the dentist if you can hold your child during the appointment to prevent a tantrum.

Dentist appointment

Prepare Yourself

Your preparation for your child’s first dentist appointment is more practical. Consider the following tips to make the event go smoothly.

  • Pack a few toys to use as distractions when they become fussy.
  • Use positive language and avoid technical terms when explaining what’s going to happen.
  • Plan a treat as a reward after the appointment. It could be eating their favorite snack after the visit or going to the playground.

In addition, prepare to speak with the dentist during the appointment. Provide them with your child’s complete health history, including any medications they are taking. Answer questions about their eating and drinking habits, dental and oral hygiene, and any other questions that concern your child’s teeth.

Make It a Habit

At this point, your child’s oral and dental health rest on your shoulders. As their teeth continue to grow, you will need to visit the dentist every six months. In some cases, your dentist might schedule appointments every three months. Keeping this routine will make it easier for your child every time they have to visit the dentist’s office.

Book your child’s first dentist appointment with someone who can take care of their teeth well into adulthood. The team at Rod W. Gore DDS is trained to provide oral and dental care to toddlers and small children. Call 480-585-6225 to book an appointment today.