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Let’s face it if you are like most people going to the dentist is a chore. Honestly, do you know many people that get excited about the day they get to go to the dentist and spend an hour of their time while someone pokes and prods in their mouth? Probably not, but that all changed when I started going to Dr. Rod Gore who owns a GOREgeous dental clinic in Scottdale, Arizona. I recently become a patient of his (about a year ago) and I decided to share some of my thoughts.

First of all, I’ve been to a fair amount of dentists and one of my biggest challenges is I felt it was always a rush to get through my cleanings. What I mean by that is I always felt like the hygienist would go pretty fast while they were using the sharp pick and there were plenty of times that they hit my gums, I would bleed, and walked away in some discomfort from the procedure. I felt like they didn’t necessarily care about my concerns verse I have to get you in and out because we have another patient coming in. I honestly had to cycle through numerous dentists until I found Dr. Gore and he is where I will stay.

On my first appointment, I felt the experience that they discuss on their website. I felt like they cared about me and my concerns. The office was extremely clean and tidy. The staff was friendly and they took the time to learn about my concerns and how they could help. Yes, they listened to me and put them into action. This started when Dr. Gore came into the room, talked about the procedures, and the hygienist explaining to me step by step what they were going to do and they promised to take their time. What do you know, no bleedy gums or soreness!! It was a miracle! Well, not for Dr. Gore and his staff, this is what they do! They care about us…. the patient. I loved my experience, I loved the office and I appreciated the time they took with me to make me feel comfortable. I’ve been back twice for regular cleanings and I’m still impressed as to how they handle their office and what used to be an appointment I never looked forward to, I no longer mind.

If you’re looking for a great cosmetic dentist in the Scottsdale, Arizona area, look no further than Dr. Gore!

About Rod Gore DDS – Scottsdale Dentist

Truly passionate about his craft, Scottsdale, AZ dentist, Dr. Rod W. Gore, offers cosmetic, general, family, and restorative dental care for the entire family. At his practice, Rod W. Gore DDS, PC, Dr. Gore goes above and beyond what it means to be a dentist, delivering true excellence to all of his patients. For more than 29 years, Dr. Gore has created GOREgeous, healthy smiles for Valley residents and beyond.