dc ranch downtown DC Ranch has been around for a long time, and it has a fascinating history that reflects the very essence of Arizona. At Rod W. Gore, DDS, we have been a part of this community for a long time and love to explore its history. Here’s a brief glimpse of it to help you understand the region’s culture and people.

It Started With E.O. Brown

DC Ranch wasn’t a thriving community when E.O. Brown traveled to it back in the 1900s. Until that time, the army occupied the land surrounding Ford McDowell, which was in the vicinity. Once the military left, settlers started to move it and build a community. E.O. Brown was one of the first settlers to set up a homestead on the land. The little agricultural town was an attractive prospect to entrepreneurs and farmers in the surrounding areas.

Brown and his family developed the land and their estate until it occupied over 43,000 acres. They eventually bought the nearby perpetual spring and piped it to supply water to their property. The spring still provides around three gallons of water per minute today, and it belongs to the local government.

Thriving Cattle Ranch Community

DC Ranch remained a thriving cattle ranch community for a long time. It was full of cowboys and its fields provided ample food for cattle. DC Ranch was the center of this community and shaped much of its development. Brown established several businesses in the area, including a general store, lending business, water supply business, icehouse, and a cotton gin establishment.

The lending business attracted more entrepreneurs into the community, and it flourished for nearly a century.

Modern Community

The modern community started to develop at around 1980s when community housing projects attracted more people to this area of Scottsdale. New people moved in the early 1990s, but the spirit and culture of the original cattle ranching and farming settlement is still present.

You can explore the old ranches and farmlands, shop in local stores, and enjoy the culture of this community during your visit. You can also spend time exploring local museums, parks, community centers, and other such entertainment options. The beautiful architecture in this region is designed to support and preserve the surrounding desert land, which makes it all the more interesting.

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