dc ranch sign DC Ranch has a thriving community full of people who love to have fun. There are many opportunities for people to socialize, explore, and form connections. At Rod W. Gore, DDS, we like to participate and help out during community events. Here are some of the most significant events that happen every year:

1. Easter Eggstravaganza

Easter Eggstravaganza is an annual event that takes place on the day before Easter Sunday every spring. The organizers come up with a different theme each year, and participants dress up as funny characters to entertain the crowd. The event themes have ranged from Beauty and the Beast to Alice in Wonderland. The event includes many fun activities that fit in with the theme like brunches, live music, games, and a big egg hunt.

2. Passport to Art

Passport to Art is a series of lectures by local artists. It is educational, fun, and an excellent way for local enthusiasts to share their passion. The lectures explore everything from Native American Art to the latest African influences. It is a great event for people who love to study art history or aim to become artists in the future. Residents of all ages can enjoy these lectures and learn something new from them.

3. Lifelong Learning – American Indian Culture Through Music

Native American culture is rich and fascinating. Music has always been an integral aspect of it. The Lifelong Learning tour helps people explore and learn more about Native culture and music from the Natives. You can listen to their stories, hear their music, touch the drums, flutes, and other instruments they use. The teachers will explain the meanings of the songs so you can understand these ancient stories. Residents can also tour the Heard Museum after exploring music and learn a little more about Native American Art and culture.

4. Annual Tour de Scottsdale

Tour de Scottsdale is an annual sporting and endurance event that involves a 70-mile run full of challenges and obstacles. Dozens of cyclists from in and around Scottsdale participate in the event, and many residents come to witness it. This annual event has been a local tradition for 16 years and is one of the most anticipated social gatherings of the year.

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