smiling scottsdale female invisalign patient Dentistry has advanced considerably over the years, and there is a wide range of treatment options available to patients today. If you have misaligned or crooked teeth, you can choose between traditional metal braces and clear aligners like Invisalign. At Rod W. Gore DDS, we make sure all of our patients are informed about the pros and cons of these options so they can make the right decisions. 

Most patients have the option to consider Invisalign or Clear Aligners In Scottsdale. These trays gently move your teeth back into the desired position and aren’t as noticeable as traditional metal braces. Ultimately, the patient’s decision comes down to cost. In this article, we discuss the cost comparison of clear aligners vs. traditional braces. 

The Average Cost of The Treatment In Scottsdale

Many people mistakenly believe that traditional braces are more affordable than Invisalign or clear braces. Here’s a brief breakdown of the average cost of the treatment:

  • Conventional metal braces can cost anywhere between $3000 and $7000. The price can vary from one dentist to another and even depends on the location of the dental practice. You can expect to pay more for high-quality braces or more sophisticated treatments. The cost also depends on the duration of the treatment and the number of dentist visits you need.
  • Invisalign can cost between $4500 and $9000. The costs only differ slightly from one dentist to another because the aligner trays are of a fixed price, and Invisalign has some control over the treatment provided. The cost of your treatment will depend on its duration, the number of dentist visits needed, and the number of aligner trays required to get optimal results. Invisalign provides several plans so you can choose something that fits your budget. 
  • There is a third option available that can be considered the best of both worlds. We offer clear aligners from other manufacturers, so you aren’t restricted to using the Invisalign brand. These aligners are a little more affordable but offer the same results as Invisalign. You can potentially save thousands of dollars on the treatment if you choose this option.

Our dentist will offer straightforward and unbiased advice on all treatments available so you can choose something that fits perfectly in your budget. 

Factors to Consider

While upfront costs and estimates give you a good idea of how much you can expect to spend, they’re not the complete story. Here are some factors to consider when you look at the cost of the treatment:

  • Duration – Traditional metal braces take a lot of time to correct misalignment. You can expect to wear them for an average of 2-3 years. This can drive up the cost of the treatment. Invisalign and clear aligners need an average of 12 months to correct alignment. If you have only a mild overbite, the problem will be resolved earlier. 
  • Dentist Clinic Visits – Both Invisalign and traditional braces are highly supervised treatments. If you have traditional braces, you might need to visit the dentist fortnightly or monthly. Patients with Invisalign need to visit the dentist every 4-6 weeks. Patients with clear braces don’t need to visit often, though it is a good idea to get a check-up regularly to ensure the treatment is on track. 
  • Cost of Replacements – Metal braces are permanent, so you’re not likely to misplace them. However, it is possible to lose or damage Invisalign and other clear aligners. Teenagers often misplace their aligners and have to replace them a few times during their treatment period. The cost of replacements can add to the overall cost. It is possible for patients to move onto the next aligner tray if they have already worn it for a couple of weeks, but if you misplace the tray within the first week of wearing it, you will need a replacement. 

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