Whenever you are choosing a dental provider for your family, you probably spend a lot of time researching his or her credentials, such as level of education, areas of expertise, and years of experience. There is another factor that is often overlooked when selecting a dentist: continuing education. When a doctor graduates dental school, they are well-informed of the current methods and technologies. As years go on, however, dentistry evolves. Every single year, advances are being made in the field. In order to provide proper patient care, dental professionals should routinely attend continuing education courses to stay up to date with the latest innovations. Recently, our Scottsdale, AZ cosmetic dentist, Dr. Rod Gore, attended the 34th Annual Scientific Session for the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD). Today, we will discuss why continuing education is so important, and explore just a few of the courses covered at this year’s conference.

About the AACD

The primary objective of the AACD is to advance excellence in the art and science of cosmetic dentistry. This organization is dedicated to providing dental professionals with educational courses and the opportunity to acquire accreditation credentials. In addition to serving as a prominent resource for dental professionals, the AACD also provides useful information for the general public.

Why Continuing Education is Important

Some degree of continuing education is legally required, although the conditions vary in every state. However, these courses are about more than just keeping a license up-to-date. They help the doctor refine his or her techniques and offer streamlined, accurate, less invasive care for patients. In addition, dental professionals can be trained on the most recent technological advances, such as digital diagnostic imaging.

Innovative Technology

At our dental practice, we take pride in utilizing cutting-edge technology. Below, we will explore just a few of the innovations we use every day.

3-D Cone Beam Scanner

Sometimes, two-dimensional x-rays just aren’t enough. When greater detail is necessary, we use a cone beam 3-D scanner. This device captures thousands of radiographic images of your teeth, roots, bone levels, jaw joints, and surrounding orofacial structures.

Intraoral Camera

Certain areas of the mouth can be difficult to view with the naked eye. In these cases, our intraoral camera can send digital images from the handheld wand to the computer monitor. This device helps the doctor and patient to visualize these hard-to-see landmarks.

Advanced Laser Dentistry

Our Multi-wave Locked System (MLS) Laser can be used in a number of restorative and cosmetic treatments. This revolutionary device uses light energy that actively reduces pain, promotes healing, relaxes muscles, and more.

Cutting-Edge Cosmetic Techniques

In addition to staying up to date on the latest dental technologies, Dr. Gore routinely attends courses about methods in cosmetic dentistry. Here are just a few examples of the courses offered at this year’s AACD session:

  • Predictable Techniques to Create Lifelike Provisionals: Methods in cosmetic dentistry are improving all the time. This course focuses on creating natural-looking temporary restorations so patients can enjoy a lifelike smile from day one.
  • Protecting Your Smile – Healthy Joints, Muscles, and Occlusion: Cosmetic treatments can deliver a beautiful smile. However, the results won’t last long unless all other elements of your smile are balanced. This course helps doctors understand how your bite, jaw joints, and muscles all work together for optimal oral health.
  • CAD/CAM 360°: This course teaches dental professionals how computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing can be used to create high-quality, same-day restorations, such as crowns, bridges, and veneers.
  • Zero Sensitivity Bleaching: Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic treatments available. However, many patients are ineligible for this procedure due to the extreme tooth sensitivity it can cause. This course focuses on performing in-office and at-home bleaching with zero sensitivity so that more patients can take advantage of this treatment.

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